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Great Dragons – Vestrivan

Great Dragons – Vestrivan

When we mention Vestrivan we can’t speak only about one being in contrast to other Great Dragons. All because of tragic past that he brought on himself.

From the begining Vestrivan, like his twin brother Vasdenjas, shows passion for knowledge and ambition to become the greatest scholar of all Dragons. That pushed them to rivalry. However each of them found a diferent way to succeed. While Vasdenjas traveled the world learning from his own experiences, Vestrivan stayed in his lair and distiled konwledge from collected memory cristals, in which memories of different Name-givers, even Dragons, were charmed. When they joined with Graet Dragons and Thermail, who preferred company of Vasdenjas, showed up between brothers, they splited up. Vastrivan sentenced himself to isolation and studied knowledge to this level, that it didn’t almost have secrets from him.

As the Scourge was going to happen nature of Horrors interested dragon brothers. As before, each in different way. Vasdenjas traveling lands and listening to stories found out Horror magic as raw, destructive and evil. On the other hand, Vestrivan saw in it a source of magical power and a mine of information. After reading of every magical tome known to the Name-givers and few that nobody known he realized that if he want to know the deepest secrets of Horror magic he would have to contact with Horrors.

And the day came. He wasn’t reckless, as you can think of him. He prepared himself very hard and use every well-kown to him methods of protection. As Vasdenjas said even Horrors had had difficulties to defeat him. Hovewer, after 40 years of fight, Vestrivan had to surrender and became possessed. Surprising is the fact the mind of dragon wasn’t completely defeated.  On the other hand, he had to share the place with a Horror. From that time one body is inhabited by two entities. Once it’s controlled by dragon, once by the Horror, but the longer they live together the less personality of Vestrivan is seen.

That’s the way how the Despoiler of the Land is born. Legends say he is able to un-Name people, places and things. He makes Name-givers forget who they are, how Thread Items are named and how they were charmed. And only he knows what he is doing it for.

No one knows where exactly the Despoiler of the Land’s lair is, but everything is pointing that he chose place somewhere in the Twilight Peaks. What’s worse it’s from the most unfriendly side of the mountains, from the Death Sea side. They say he opened there a secretive magical school. Its training is worse then the cruelest tortures and only few is able to survive it. Everything to feed their master, who substantially is the Horror. Fear, pain, anger and all negative emotions are there everyday life.

Now you, the oldest pupils of the Despoiler of the Land, who don’t remember who you were before joining his school, have been called to an audience in front of himself.

Great Dragons – Earthroot

Great Dragons – Earthroot

Earthroot is a dragon from distant Kitay. Legend is, that he came to Barsaive after losing the battle with White Lotus, about three hundred years after the death of the All-Wise. This dragon took a liking to secret, underground places, which reflects his love for darkness and hidden life. Since then, he has been seen on the surface only three times. His long, wingless body is covered with pearly scales, shimmering with a multitude of shades, and black eyes seem to be like the abyss of one of the underground lakes in which he loves to hide.


Earth Root is extremely intelligent, works out of hiding and often speaks with riddles.

Great Dragons – Icewing

Great Dragons – Icewing

Icewing is one of the two oldest and most powerful Great Dragons in Barsaive. Along with his brother Mountainshadow, the two of them have their influence spread throughout Barsaive and beyond.

He has acted and acting now as a “guardian” of sorts for the Young Races, manipulating them in directions he sees fit, with no heed to their own wishes. In his cold eyes, dragons are a superior race who should guide the Young Races with our enlightened vision. He is a skilled puppet-master, and he is willing to take actions that are more often more direct, visible and looks rash.

In the past he created with dragon Yuichotol ritual known as Dance of Blue Spirits. Thus were drakes created, and Icewing now has a new selection of pawns to replace those “persons” who had been lost to him. As one of the most public and visible of dragonkin, Icewing has learned well how to deal with scrutiny.

The downfall of Thera is one of his primary motivations.That’s why he has become deeply invested in the dwarfs of Throal. He has offered up his counsel to Throalic leaders in person on several occasions, and they have gratefully accepted it. His primary lair is atop Mount Vapor, in the Throalic Mountains, only a few days ‘ walk from Bartertown, and the trail is well worn by various adventurers and wisdom-seekers.

His demeanor is hard, callous and fearsome, and his frosty gaze can cause the hardiest warriors to flee him in abject terror.


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Great Dragons – Mountainshadow

Great Dragons – Mountainshadow

This is one of the oldest dragons of Barsaive and in general of this world. His main desire is to acquire knowledge and strives at every step to put his claws on every possible piece of information. While other dragons collect artifacts and treasures, for him the most precious prey is knowledge, because for him it is the source of real power. He is one of the Dragons most involved in matters of the Namegivers. To the extent that he created an organized intelligence that Therans calls simply Dragon Network.

His mother was the noble All-Wings. This fact is both a huge privilege and a burden. You could say that the Mountainshadow is like a dragon prince, or at least someone who has noble blood, and thus with his brother Icewing, is responsible for the power he possesses. He is as huge as his age indicates, and his body, larger than the air galley, clearly shows that he is one of the Great.

Because of his desire for knowledge, he was one of the first dragons who wanted to determine what happened during the Alamaise’s attack on the Blood Wood. The effects of those events were felt by all the dragons of Barsaive, but it was Mountainshadow who knew that the released wave of magic had something to do with his kin.  As to Alamaise himself, he resents the fact that after losing the Wyrm Wood he did not try to make contact with his kind. Instead, he preferred to regain his domain by force when he should show greater wisdom than the Younger Races. Curious in nature, the Mountainshadow has no intention to furhter judge the Elfbane’s actions, he just would like to know and understand what happened.