When we mention Vestrivan we can’t speak only about one being in contrast to other Great Dragons. All because of tragic past that he brought on himself.

From the begining Vestrivan, like his twin brother Vasdenjas, shows passion for knowledge and ambition to become the greatest scholar of all Dragons. That pushed them to rivalry. However each of them found a diferent way to succeed. While Vasdenjas traveled the world learning from his own experiences, Vestrivan stayed in his lair and distiled konwledge from collected memory cristals, in which memories of different Name-givers, even Dragons, were charmed. When they joined with Graet Dragons and Thermail, who preferred company of Vasdenjas, showed up between brothers, they splited up. Vastrivan sentenced himself to isolation and studied knowledge to this level, that it didn’t almost have secrets from him.

As the Scourge was going to happen nature of Horrors interested dragon brothers. As before, each in different way. Vasdenjas traveling lands and listening to stories found out Horror magic as raw, destructive and evil. On the other hand, Vestrivan saw in it a source of magical power and a mine of information. After reading of every magical tome known to the Name-givers and few that nobody known he realized that if he want to know the deepest secrets of Horror magic he would have to contact with Horrors.

And the day came. He wasn’t reckless, as you can think of him. He prepared himself very hard and use every well-kown to him methods of protection. As Vasdenjas said even Horrors had had difficulties to defeat him. Hovewer, after 40 years of fight, Vestrivan had to surrender and became possessed. Surprising is the fact the mind of dragon wasn’t completely defeated.  On the other hand, he had to share the place with a Horror. From that time one body is inhabited by two entities. Once it’s controlled by dragon, once by the Horror, but the longer they live together the less personality of Vestrivan is seen.

That’s the way how the Despoiler of the Land is born. Legends say he is able to un-Name people, places and things. He makes Name-givers forget who they are, how Thread Items are named and how they were charmed. And only he knows what he is doing it for.

No one knows where exactly the Despoiler of the Land’s lair is, but everything is pointing that he chose place somewhere in the Twilight Peaks. What’s worse it’s from the most unfriendly side of the mountains, from the Death Sea side. They say he opened there a secretive magical school. Its training is worse then the cruelest tortures and only few is able to survive it. Everything to feed their master, who substantially is the Horror. Fear, pain, anger and all negative emotions are there everyday life.

Now you, the oldest pupils of the Despoiler of the Land, who don’t remember who you were before joining his school, have been called to an audience in front of himself.

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