Good humor and free time.

If we’ll meet live:

  • Tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, etc. accessories needed for sleeping in the field.
  • The organizers provide a limited number of basic products such as coffee, tea, bread and mineral water. You must take the products for other meals with you. We recommend sausage and other delicacies that can be prepared by the fire.
  • The bowl and cutlery needed to eat hot meals.
  • All the things needed for the game, i.e. dice, pencils, pens, notebooks, etc.
  • Means against insects.

If we’ll meet on-line:

  • discord and roll20 account (platforms on which GM gamemasters depend on them, but we encourage you to gamemaster on those that do not require additional installation)
  • microphone / headphones
  • webcam (optional)