Orichalcum is a semi-open convention, to get admission to the convention, fill out the form below.

This form allows the organizers to know the number of conventioners, which is necessary because, unlike most conventions, each participant has the opportunity to participate in RPG sessions, and thus the organizers must provide the right amount of MG and places to play.

NOTE: Minors may be admitted to the convention only with the written consent of a parent or legal guardian.

The deadline for submitting applications is June 20.

Entrance fee to Orichalcum

The accreditation fee is 60 PLN Within this amount you get:

  • two-day accreditation,
  • place at the campsite
  • lunch on Saturday

The money must be transferred before the start of the convention to the account number:

15 9291 0001 0054 1718 2000 0010

addressee: Association “Topory”

address: Rawa Mazowiecka 96-200 ul. Mszczonowska 21

to the 21st of June, with the title “payment for Orichalcum” and the name and surname.

You can also pay your entrance fee on the spot, when you collect your badge.


This year also one-day accreditation for 30 PLN will be available for you!

If the pandemic situation forces us to change the form on-line, you do not have to register via the form, just click “I will participate” on the event on Facebook 😉

Of course, online, there are no fees for the convention, all attractions are free 🙂