Icewing is one of the two oldest and most powerful Great Dragons in Barsaive. Along with his brother Mountainshadow, the two of them have their influence spread throughout Barsaive and beyond.

He has acted and acting now as a “guardian” of sorts for the Young Races, manipulating them in directions he sees fit, with no heed to their own wishes. In his cold eyes, dragons are a superior race who should guide the Young Races with our enlightened vision. He is a skilled puppet-master, and he is willing to take actions that are more often more direct, visible and looks rash.

In the past he created with dragon Yuichotol ritual known as Dance of Blue Spirits. Thus were drakes created, and Icewing now has a new selection of pawns to replace those “persons” who had been lost to him. As one of the most public and visible of dragonkin, Icewing has learned well how to deal with scrutiny.

The downfall of Thera is one of his primary motivations.That’s why he has become deeply invested in the dwarfs of Throal. He has offered up his counsel to Throalic leaders in person on several occasions, and they have gratefully accepted it. His primary lair is atop Mount Vapor, in the Throalic Mountains, only a few days ‘ walk from Bartertown, and the trail is well worn by various adventurers and wisdom-seekers.

His demeanor is hard, callous and fearsome, and his frosty gaze can cause the hardiest warriors to flee him in abject terror.

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