This is one of the oldest dragons of Barsaive and in general of this world. His main desire is to acquire knowledge and strives at every step to put his claws on every possible piece of information. While other dragons collect artifacts and treasures, for him the most precious prey is knowledge, because for him it is the source of real power. He is one of the Dragons most involved in matters of the Namegivers. To the extent that he created an organized intelligence that Therans calls simply Dragon Network.

His mother was the noble All-Wings. This fact is both a huge privilege and a burden. You could say that the Mountainshadow is like a dragon prince, or at least someone who has noble blood, and thus with his brother Icewing, is responsible for the power he possesses. He is as huge as his age indicates, and his body, larger than the air galley, clearly shows that he is one of the Great.

Because of his desire for knowledge, he was one of the first dragons who wanted to determine what happened during the Alamaise’s attack on the Blood Wood. The effects of those events were felt by all the dragons of Barsaive, but it was Mountainshadow who knew that the released wave of magic had something to do with his kin.  As to Alamaise himself, he resents the fact that after losing the Wyrm Wood he did not try to make contact with his kind. Instead, he preferred to regain his domain by force when he should show greater wisdom than the Younger Races. Curious in nature, the Mountainshadow has no intention to furhter judge the Elfbane’s actions, he just would like to know and understand what happened.

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