Remember our special Guests from overseas? Andi and Josh will not only answer your questions and reveal publish secrets 😉 but they will also gamemaster sessions for you! Here is their program:

[Session Andi] Arancia: Don’t Drink the Water!

A typical Arancian village has been overcome with an ailment. Can you and your fellow Heroes find the cause and save the residents. Welcome to a new setting for Earthdawn- Arancia: The Dusklands

[Session Josh] Treasure Hunt

An old Troubadour song points to a legendary treasure in a forgotten temple. Can you figure out the clues and navigate the corruption at the edge of the Badlands? (You aren’t the only ones looking, either…)

[Lecture Andi and Josh] Not Just Another Dungeon Crawl

Killing stuff in an RPG is fun, but sometimes you want a little… more. Let’s talk about other kinds of challenges & how to bring them into your game.

[Meeting with Andi and Josh] Secret mission

We have captured Josh and Andi from the Earthdawn team. We’re invite you to help us interrogate them to discover FASA’s Earthdawn future plans. They have both been secretive, but with your help we are sure that done secrets will be learned.

We can’t wait, can You? 😀

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