At the convention you will have the opportunity to listen to the lecture about Earthawn, take part in competitions and sessions and play Multisession.


16:00 – Start of Accreditation


20:00 – The beginning of the Multisession

Multisession is an event for over 20 players who will take part in an epic campaign prepared especially for Orichalcum and led by the most knowledgeable in the ED universe Game Masters.

Join one of the four teams and take on the adepts shaping the fate of the Earthdawn world. Discover the truth behind finding the Books of Harrows and find out what role the Great Dragons played in this.


10:00 Start

15:00 – Shared dinner

16:00 – Multisession finale

21:00 – Integration campfire


10:00 – Start

14:00 – The End of the convention

See you next year