Regulations of the Orichalcum Convention 2020

Dura lex, sed lex – hard law but law.

§ 1

Orichalcum takes place on-line

§ 2

Participation in an convention is tantamount to acceptance of the Regulations.

§ 3

Persons who do not comply with the regulations may be removed of the convention.

§ 4

Each participant of the convention is obliged to culturally behave and submit to the decisions of the organizers. Objections to organizers’ decisions may be submitted to the coordinator of the Convention – his decision is final.

§ 5

Rules of good convention:

1. Be kind!

2. Don’t make any brawls!

3. Use bot commands, on proper channels!

4. Don’t troll!

5. Obey netiquette!

6. Don’t share NSFW materials!

7. Do not spam a lot.

8. Be sure to check pinned messages. There may be something important!

9. Ignorance of the statute does not release them from non-compliance!

10. Administration reserves the right to make changes to the statute.

11. It’s nice to see you and that you’ve read that :wink: :heart:

Failure to comply with the above mentioned points may result in a warning first (black color on chat), and in case of further non-compliance – a temporary ban.

In the event of a conflict between participants, the determining authority is the coordinator.