Regulations of the Orichalcum Convention 2019

Dura lex, sed lex – hard law but law.

§ 1

Orichalcum takes place in the forester’s lodge in Głuchów near Rawa Mazowiecka (province of Lodz).

§ 2

Entry to the convention area is tantamount to acceptance of the Regulations.

§ 3

Persons who do not comply with the regulations may be removed from the area of the convention without returning the accreditation.

§ 4

Participant can stay on the area on the convention from 16 o’clock in Friday till 16 o’clock in Sunday.

§ 5

Only people with valid IDs can stay at the event.

§ 6

Each participant is obliged to wear the ID in a visible place. If you lose your ID, please report it to the organizers immediately.

§ 7

The organizers are not responsible for any damage suffered by participants on the body, property and mind.

§ 8

Minors under the area of the convention may stay only under the care of a parent or legal guardian. This condition does not apply to members of the organizational sections who in the case of minors are under the care of the organizer of the section to which they are members.

§ 9

The organizers are not responsible for things left unattended or lost.

§ 10

It is forbidden to bring dangerous objects, such as firearms, ASG along with ammunition, white weapons or explosives or toxic materials to the premises of the convention. These items can be used for shows with the consent of the organizer.

§ 11

It is forbidden to fire bonfires outside places designated for this by the organizers.

§ 12

Participants tents can be placed only in places indicated by the organizers.

§ 13

On the area on the convention is forbidden to bring and consume all alcohol, except beer. (Beer – alcoholic drink with low alcohol content [usually up to 7%], obtained as a result of alcoholic fermentation of beer wort, obtained from cereals – mainly barley [sometimes also wheat] without distillation.)

§ 14, pkt. a

Alcohol brought to the convention can be left under the care of the organizers and picked up when leaving the party.

§ 14, pkt. b

Smoking will only be allowed in specially designated places. Each time you smoke outside the zone, you will be penalized with a fee of 1 PLN.

§ 14 pkt. c

Underage persons have a strict prohibition both during the event and during the outbreak of integrative use of alcohol and tobacco products.

§ 15

Persons under the influence of intoxicants and intoxicated will be immediately removed from the area of the convention by the organizers.

§ 16

On the area of the event is forbidden to smoke outside specially designated places.

§ 17

Each participant of the convention is obliged to culturally behave and submit to the decisions of the organizers. Objections to organizers’ decisions may be submitted to the coordinator of the Convention – his decision is final.

The perpetrators are responsible for any damage (including financial).

In the event of a conflict between participants, the determining authority is the coordinator.