Name Givers of all races, we have a wonderful message for you, it’s the end of hiding, let the world see how you really are! We announce that this year COSPLAY competition will take place at Orichalcum! We warmly welcome all those who are not afraid to reveal their real face! There are fantastic prizes and lots of fun waiting for the winner!

Regulations of the competition:

1. The organizer of the Cosplay competition is the Topory Association.

2. The coordinator of the competition is the team of organizers of the Orichalcum convention.

3. The competition takes place during the Orichalcum convention (25-27-06-2021 in the town of Głuchów, province Lodz).

4. The competition is aimed at popularizing fantasy and the costume environment in Poland.

5. The task of the competition participants is to prepare a costume of one of the races presented in the Earthdawn system and to present in a few sentences the hero’s story.

6. Each participant can submit one outfit.

7. It can be presented only individually.

8. Minors may take part in the competition subject to the parents’ written consent.

9. Participants by joining the contest agree to the free presentation, reproduction and distribution of photographs and recordings containing their images, made during the Orichalcum for purposes related to archiving materials and promotion of Orichalcum.

10. By entering the competition, participants accept the provisions of the regulations.

11. All situations related to the use of pyrotechnics or throwing objects into the audience should be determined with the competition coordinator before the start of the convention.

12. It is forbidden to throw objects with heavy or sharp edges.

13. The organizer is the administrator of personal data – within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (consolidated text – Journal of Laws of 2014, item 1182, as amended) of the Competition Participants. Personal data (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, correspondence address) are processed only for the purpose of carrying out activities necessary for its proper conduct, in particular in order to inform about winning and issuing the Prize. The organizer may entrust the processing of personal data of Contest participants only to entities that cooperate with him on his device and only to the extent necessary for its proper conduct. Contest participants have the right to access their data and correct them. Participants provide data on a voluntary basis, however providing data is a prerequisite for being eligible to participate in the Contest.

14. The jury will include coordinators of the Orichalcum convention.

15. During the competition participants will receive tokens from the participants of the convention, which are a form of evaluation by other people who do not take part in the competition.

16. The winners are selected based on the number of tokens won and the jury’s rating added.

17. The following will be assessed:

– costume look

– the quality of the costume, detail, neatness.

– participant’s creativity, consistency in character design

18. Prizes for the competition will be announced during the digestion of the Orichalcum Convention.

Disqualifications and reminders

1. The organizers and the coordinator do not take responsibility for the behavior of the participants.

2. The organizers may disqualify the participant (refuse him further participation in the current edition of the competition, do not include in the final score, demand an immediate leave of the fairground) and / or refuse to participate in subsequent editions of the competition.

3. Admonitions and disqualifications are considered by the coordinators of the competition in the following cases:

• many disguised people collect tokens on one account,

• the participant showed an unsportsmanlike behavior, in particular lack of culture towards other contestants.