Who was on Zjava already knows, that this year’s Orichalcum will be graced by a visit of guests from FASA 😀

In front of you Andi Watson and Josh Harrison 😀


Andi Watson is a tabletop RPG enthusiast who has over two decades experience as a GM and as a player. She has experience with numerous systems and especially appreciates running less common ones. For the last two years she has been working for FASA Games, Inc. Currently, she is the Project Manager and on the Board of Directors. Her love of Geekdoms has led her to be active in the geek community.

Josh Harrison is a long-time fan of Earthdawn — he picked up a copy of the original core rules in 1993 and never looked back. Actively involved in the online fan community in the latter half of the 1990s, he consulted on Second Edition in the early 2000s and was a contributing editor for RedBrick Ltd’s Earthdawn Classic.


In 2013 Josh was given the opportunity to step into the role of Earthdawn Line Developer — the primary person responsible for deciding what gets made and what goes into it. Along with his creative team he began the long process of revising and writing the game’s fourth edition, and laying the groundwork for the first few supplements. He has done his best to honor the game’s 25 year legacy while incorporating lessons learned from other games since its original release.

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