The most frequently asked question about the convention is “and how is it with commuting?” 😉 Therefore, this year we offer help and give you possible access options to the convention.

  1. Warsaw – Głuchów: you can take a train from Warsaw to Skierniewice and from there by bus to Głuchów. Such a trip takes about 2 hours and connections are quite frequent.
  2. Łódź – Głuchów: in this case, you can even get without changing, about an hour, but there are fewer connections. You can leave Lodz at 13:15 or 18:00
  3. If you manage to get to Rawa Mazowiecka, there is a chance in Głuchów to take a car with people from the area, so do not worry about getting stuck at the station;)
  4. And the last option – we’ve created a group on fb, Poszukiwacze Orichalcu, especially for you, where you can search for transport to the convention.

We also remind you that we sleep under tents at Orichalcum. The campsite is located right at the entrance to the convention and parking, and is located in the orchard. Therefore, we warn you that the substrate is not perfectly even. Of course, we will do our best to make you comfortable, but we advise you to take mattresses instead of mats. Remember also that the weather can be capricious, so bring warm things and something waterproof – prepared Adept is a lively Adept 😉

As every year, you will also be able to buy a bed (20 PLN / day). The beds are in the rooms in the forster’s lodge, however those rooms must be available for other participants because there are showers in them, so only during the quiet period you will be able to sleep peacefully in them 😉

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