From decree of king Neden, ruler of Throal:

“The leaders of all cities, settlements, Houses and villages are hereby requested to immediately inform each Adept, that he has the obligation to stop using magic, and any Name Giver possessing in his hands any artifact, weapon or armor that uses magic to work, should be transferred to designated vaults and closed.

In the face of such a huge threat which is the next scourge, we can not allow to constantly raise the level of magic and expose Barsaive to next disaster. King Neden appointed the council of the greatest sages in the kingdom to find the best way out of the situation. Until then, the use of magic will be completely forbidden and violation of this prohibition will result in immediate arrest. “

Woman and Men of Barsaive, Name Giver of all races and disciplines, Adepts. Hereby, in accordance with the will of our reigning King Neden we would like to invite you to an unusual event. Here, in a small village, all those who wear Barsawia in their hearts will meet again. Our land is facing a great threat. We are appealing therefore, to come in crowds for every name-giver, even the smallest one, can contribute to her glory!

The ED-maniac from the Association Topory invite enthusiasts of Awakening Earth to a convention devoted to our favorite system. The convent will be held at the forester’s lodge in Głuchów, near Rawa Mazowiecka.

In program:

  • presentations
  • competitions
  • sessions

Many great prizes!

At the end of the event, as it is in our tradition, we organize an integration camp. Do not forget about the mustard 😉

Be alert- we will complete the information on a regular basis.

Participation in the convention only after signing up through the form:

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