The Lord of the Jungle Liaj, the other called Boundless Green Dragons, has many features in common with Aban as preference for physical fight, using ghosts and creatures as their eyes and ears in their domains and jealous guarding of their territories. Just as she was he, himself, sentenced to exile in his closing domain. He strongly believes that dragons should be the rightful rulers of the world. He would like to erase younger races, remove them so that the strength and magic of dragons could shape the world. Machinations of other Dragons, which act behind the scenes, get Usun, who so far agreed to observe the will of other dragons and confined himself to Liaj, where he finds his anger at all Namegivers who ignore his prohibition to enter the jungle, angry.

Usun is the warrior and the hunter. His behavior refers to the deadly traits of the dragon species, wild and crafty. When the Mountain Shadow or Vasdenjas use words flowing with honey or deception, Usun takes flames and claws and shows no pity. Lord of the Liaj Jungle does not use diplomacy. He is a warrior who lives for the glory of battles, measuring his strength with the strength of his opponent. Because he does not have the right opponents to his level, nor can he go to war with the Younger Races as he dreams, he lives in the Liaj jungle, the home of many of Barsaive’s wildest creatures. It is there that he tests his strength in the daily struggle for life. There is no doubt that Usun recognizes the majority of these beings as a poor challenge for his skills.

He is completely uninterested in Young Races, and if, it’s only as an ordinary prey. He looks at all the Young Races as a game, which he digs to eat them, or rather like vermin that you want to eradicate from your home. If it depended on him, Usun would gladly have cleared Barsaive with fire and reduced her cities to ashes and debris.

His home is Liaj Jungle, a wild place that perfectly suits his nature. Lying in the lush valley between the western mountains of Barsaive, the Liaj jungle, is not a frequently visited place, unlike the east of the Servos jungle. A few useless waterways or trade routes pass through the jungle area, but a very small number of Namegivers decide to break Usun’s prohibition by entering his domain, let alone dwell in it. The jungle contains a whole cross-section of wild animals, which, like Usun, have taken a liking to life in it.

Due to his belligerent nature and contemptuous attitude to the Younger Races, Usun is favorable to Alamaise’s actions, which does not mean that he would support or help him without additional reasons. In the spirit’s criticism, however, he regrets a little that such a struggle and a challenge have passed him, he lacks it, and the things worthy of his involvement were happening in the Citadel of Magic.

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