We present to you Game Masters who will lead a Multisession for you. Today, you will meet four who will lead the Friday sessions.

Paweł ‘Cryingorc’ Jankowski

elimination session

A naturalist by education, passionate researcher of Slavs and enthusiast of Earthdawn. He fell in love with Barsawa after the system was released on the Polish market. The extraordinary and exotic world has caused the Earthdawn to take first place on its shelf.


Bartosz Wójcik

elimination session

A mysterious guy, but these, who knows him, knows he has been playing RPG not since yesterday. He took his first steps in primary school (I mean: the time when the Internet wasn’t universal available  and people didn’t use cell phones) when his classmate got „Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni” (first version, not edition, of The Witcher RPG) as a gift and they decided to test it. Although their playing had nothing to do with playing according to game rules, it was a ticket to the great hobby for young Bartek. Though he abandoned it for a while, it came back with double power during high school, when as a player he has been travelling through Barsaive and many others universums. And it still goes on, what means over 10 years of playing experience. But came the day when it had to happen – Bartek became a Game Master. A legend says his gamemaster’s job was quite qood. Would you like to experience it by yourself?

Hubert ‘Jankoś’ Jankowski

elimination session

A historian-medievalist by education, for nineteen years fascinated by fantasy and, above all, RPG’s. More often GM than the player, especially Call of Cthulhu, Monastyr and Earthdawn. Founder and president of Rawa Association “Topory”. Coordinator of the eight editions of the Toporiada convention, the promoter and judge of the contest for the best player and the best GM “Golden Axes” held at the Toporiada. He also judged in the “Golden Bones” competition and the Champions Champion Cup. He coordinated the RPG block on such conventions as Porytkon, Warkon or SkierCon. At many events, the creator of program points concerning mainly Monastyru, Earthdawn and narrative competitions. Coordinator 2017’s Orichalcum and originator, with Maciej ‘Ślimak’ Winnicki, of Multisession in ED.


Sebastian ‘Basti’ Wawrzyńczyk

elimination session

Born in 1978. He was always been interested in fantasy and scifi, in RPG since 1994. He started as a Game Master, after a year he sit on the other side of the table as player.

Since then he has played and game mastered most systems published in Polish and many English. He loves to test new mechanics and conventions, from sword & sorcery, through horror to cyberpunk and hard SF. He was one of judges in Zlote Topory, he helps in organizing convents Twierdza and Cytadela. One of administrators of biggest Polish RPG facebook group “Ladies and Gentelmen, let’s play RPG”. He has blog beastworm.wordpress.com

In Earthdawn he loves the connection between mechanics and description of the world, he considers suplements to this system as one of the best and most climatic ones, always putting them as example to follow. His favorite race is t’skrangs.


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