There will be several fantastic competitions at the convention. We present you one of them – “Nations of Barsaive”. To participate in the competition, you will need a disguise so you can start to complete your outfits 😀

“Nations of Barsaive” is a competition that will take place on Orichalcum for the first time, its main idea is to play the characters and have fun. The teams will represent different races from Earthdawn’s world. Their task will be to play improvised scenes on a given topic, and participate in competitions. The teams provided for in the competition are: dwarfs, elves, windlings, obsidimen, t’skrangs, trolls. Team captains will be announced at least a week before Orichalcum. Teams consisting of five people will fight in the Saturday qualifying rounds, but only the two best will get to the grand final! In addition, make-up and costumes will be extra scored! What will you see during the “Nations of Barsaive”? Manipulations, negotiations, stories of barsaivian adepts, rescuing the skin, lots of humor and, what we are sure of, perfect character playing. We sincerely invite you to play together!

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