You’ve already met Multisession Game Masters, now it’s time to reveal who’s behind the whole convention 😉 this year the convention is coordinating by:

Monika ‘Auraya’ Czyżowicz, Renata ‘Etopka’ Goździk and two of the four Multisession Game Masters – Piotr ‘Tęcza’ Tęczyński and Michał ‘Kosmit’ Kosmala.

Renata ‘Etopka’ Goździk

From childhood, he is interacting with the fantasy world. For 3 years active in the “Topory” Association. Coordinator of the Siekieriada 2016 convention. Her adventure with RPG began with Warhammer, but it was Earthdawn who stole her heart and became her favorite and most often played RPG system.

Monika ‘Auraya’ Czyżowicz

Her mother had infected her with the reading, her friends with fantasy and Earthdawn had infected her with RPG. Seemingly Obsidiman, in the depths of her heart she is a windling. Player, Game Master, organizer of the Cytadela and Twierdza conventions, judge of the Puchar Mistrza Mistrzów. In her free time, which she doesn’t have, she writes stories and blogs on

Piotr ‘Tęcza’ Tęczyński

Raise on Warhammer and D&D. Over the years, he get to know many systems. He is not afraid to experiment with RPGs and learn about new worlds. He likes Warhammer and Monastyr but Earthdawn fascinates him the most. He doesn’t like line sessions, he values flexibility and the ability to improvise at the Game Masters.

The organizer of several and the coordinator of one of the Toporiada and the one of the coordinators of last years Orichalcum.

His adventure with Earthdawn begins almost 9 years ago. Since then he regularly plays, and for two years, also runs sessions.

Michał ‘Kosmit’ Kosmala

Earthdawn is a system from which he started his adventure with “Named” RPG’s. He describes himself as “casually Game Master”, because … others in his team did not want to gamemastering.

During all these years, he matured as the GM and held sessions in competitions for players Gramy!, Nerd and Archipelag. He put his steps in fandom together with the Master-mind lecture group, which led to the creation of the Kosmit Paczy blog and the organization of three “Kosmitkon” microconventions. He is an ED maniac but he does not avoid other systems. He experiments with connections between the worlds of Earthdawn and Shadowrun, which resulted in his “Shadowdawn” session at last year’s Toporiada. Recently, you can meet him at the Warsaw “Champions Evening” and “Time for an adventure”.

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