This year’s convention is coordinated by:

Monika ‘Auraya’ Czyżowicz, Renata ‘Etopka’ Goździk and Damian ‘Mordeczka’ Kowalczyk

Monika ‘Auraya’ Czyżowicz

Her mother addicted her with the reading, her friends with fantasy and Earthdawn addicted her with RPG. Seemingly Obsidiman, in the depths of her heart she is a windling. Player, Game Master, organizer of the Cytadela and Twierdza conventions, judge of the Puchar Mistrza Mistrzów. In her free time, which she doesn’t have, she writes stories and blogs on

Renata ‘Etopka’ Goździk

Since childhood, she is interacting with the fantasy world. Since 2015, she’s an active member of the “Topory” Association. Coordinator of the Siekieriada 2016 convention. Her adventure with RPG’s began with Warhammer, but it was Earthdawn who stole her heart and became her favorite and most often played RPG system.


Damian ‘Mordeczka’ Kowalczyk

He first met the world of EarthDawn on Orichalcum, the atmosphere that reigned here took over his heart, then he began to travel it with the best guide that is ‘AURAYA’. His reflection is TRAGMAR a great, strong and brave, though a bit stupid Troll from the Crystal Peaks. Although he is a young RPG player, he does not lack talent, and this year he debuts as a co-organizer of this great event.


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