Michał ‘Kosmit’ Kosmala

“This elven witch is crazy!” – some of you thought after hearing the content of the task that will come to you (at least the part that is not the Blood Elves).

“Bring back the legendary characters who want to take part in the ritual to save the True Pattern of Barsaive before the next Scourge. Because every legend will want to save the world, so why do so many high-class Adepts need such a simple task?”

– The answer came with the name of the character you have to brought to her – Master of Thieves, Ruler and founder of Kratas … Garthlik One-Eye.

Registration for the convention here: http://orichalcum.topory.org/index.php/informacje/wstep-na-orichalcum/

Remember that the entries for the sessions start on Thursday, June 14, at 20:00

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