This year, we are changing the form of Multisession a bit. Here’s how it will look:

  • you will not sign up for sessions for a specific Game Master, the entries will generally be for Multisession; the only thing you have to choose is the Dragon whose servants you want to be;
  • you play the role of Drakes, that’s why character cards will be made available to you earlier;
  • in Friday’s miniLARP you will get to know the tasks set by your creators and then you will be able to split into groups for specific tasks;
  • after LARP, four sessions will be held, traditionally, where your heroes will try to do the tasks entrusted to them;
  • after the sessions, we will invite you to the next miniLARP, this time short, summarizing your achievements;
  • and on Saturday, also traditionally, the bravest daredevils will compete with threats that they have never experienced before.

We will inform you in advance about subscriptions for Multisession 🙂 Stay open-eyed.

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