More and more often you ask us about the program of the convention, so we unveil the mystery 😉 The framework program of Orichalcum is ahead of you.


18:00 Introduction to ED

20:00 The beginning of the Multisession

21:00 Free session (GM – Monika ‘Auraya’ Czyżowicz)


10:00 Charadescompetition

10:00 Free session (GM – Sebastian ‘Basti’ Wawrzyńczyk)

12:00 “The Blood Wood – beautiful and frightening” – lecture

13:00 Nations of Barsaive – competition

15:00 Shared dinner

16:00 Multisession finale

16:30 Free session (GM – Sebastian ‘Basti’ Wawrzyńczyk, Piotr ‘Tęcza’ Tęczyński, Michał ‘Kosmit’ Kosmala)

21:00 Integration campfire

22:00 Surprise 😀


10:00 Whose line is it anyway? – competition

12:00 Narrative competition

14:00 The End of the convention

The program may change. Descriptions of individual program points will appear soon.

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