Orichalcum started punctually at 6:00 pm with a lecture introducing the system, which was led by Sebastian ‘Basti’ Wawrzyńczyk, and which gathered over 20 people.

Somewhat after 20:00 we started Multisession with a miniLARP in which the legations of Iopos, Throal, Travar and connected Houses V’strimon and Syrtis faced Queen Alachia.

The case was serious. The level of magic grew rapidly and the elves decided to react. The magicians of the Blood Wood created some kind of ritual that should strengthen true pattern of Barsaive – Garthlik One-Eye and the Longing Ring, Shivalahala T’kambras, Omasu with fragment of his Liferock and Merrox zwith his unbeliavable knowledge. The fate of Barsaive rested in the hands of the daredevils. They undertook to reach those Name -givers and obtain them for a better cause. Around the 9 pm, whole area of the convention froze. The player teams hide in the tents and the night sessions begins.

Saturday brought us some fantastic competitions, including, for the first time on Orichalcum, Nations of Barsaive, which was won by the Obsydiman team, in the composition Małgorzata Biniecka and Grzegorz Dziembowski and charades, in which won Topory team, in the composition Renata ‘Etopka’ Goździk, Dawid Kazimierczak and Kamil ‘Obi’ Michalski. And during the lecture participants learned about the story of the Blood Wood, which bring them closer to the location and atmosphere of the Multisessions final.

After the shared dinner, the legations again stood before the Queen of Elves, along with their goalsAnd although two of them were unconscious and unaware of their position (Garthlik and Omasu), in front of the Blood Wood a fire raged and above it circulated the mighty Air Elemental Spirit, the mission could be considered successful.

The queen appointed six daredevils who went to the final session, led by two Game Masters – Monika ‘Auraya’ Czyżowicz and Hubert ‘Jankoś’ Jankowski.

Adepts prepared the defense of the Citadel of Magic and Name-givers who were bound by the ritual. Unfortunately, the growth of magic caused that the Forest began to worry and finally attack the Citadel. Two Elementalist summon powerful Air Spirit, who would help them, but in the whirlpool that accompanied his appearance instead of the Spirit, Alachia herself appeared to them and demanded to stop the ritual. The Blood Warder Takaris, so far supporting the players, could not stand the Queen’s appearance and took on his true face, in front of the Heroes, turning into the Great Dragon, the red red-gold Alamaise. The heroes did not think long. When the dragon clashed with the Queen, flooding her with a dragon fire, from which she came out naked and without thorns, the players decided to break the ritual, fearing that he would hurt the Name-givers whom they brought. An epic fight ended Alamoise’s suicide attack on the Citadel, his very, huge, body. The heroes were not able to see if the dragon actually died, because after they felt the shock their consciousness went out and they woke up in the elven palace.

Players and Game Masters of the final of Multisession agreed that this year the title of the best player goes to Jacek ‘Arez’ Połosak, whom we congratulate!

After the final, the time came for the promised SURPRISE 😀 Once everyone gathered in the gazebo, we merged with the representatives of FASA by voice. Our guests were Andi Watson and Josh Harrison, who told us some of the publishing secrets 😉 Participants of the convention agreed that the surprise was extremely well received and they discussed the conversation long after the conference.

We ended the Saturday with an integration camp, with sounds of guitars and singing of the convention participats. It was late at night, when silence came over the forester’s lodge.

Despite the long and tiring 😉 night, On Sunday, we still had the strength to enjoy the charms of the convention. We started the day with a narrative competition that won Michał ‘Kosmit’ Kosmala, our youngest, 9 years old, Game Master led the ED session for the volunteers and at the end, three teams competed in the competition Whose line is it anyway?, which won the team MuFASA, in the composition Alicja ‘Alutek’ Kowalska, Jan ‘Dżuls’ Walendzik and Łukasz ‘Kropek’ Rogalski.

After 4 pm, the area of the convention was empty. Tents have disappeared, participants have left. With some sadness, we were looking at an empty forester’s lodge. We are only comforted by the fact that we will meet again for 365 days 😀

Once again, congratulations to the winners and thanks to the participants. You are prefect!

See U next Year 😀

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