The enigmatic mistress of the Mist Swamps, Aban, is a dragon who combines passion and fury, that even other dragons fear, with a secretive and solitary way of life. Her father, Cloudtamer, who did not spare his offspring deadly challenges to sap out the weakest individuals among them, shaped her nature. Thanks to the murderous battles in which she took part in her youth, Aban has developed a strength that inspires respect among the Greates, who are older than her. When Cloudtamer became the target of Theran Behemoth and died, Aban gave a hate to Theran, as the commanders and ship crews in the region above and around the Mist Swamps found out for themselves. Although violent and impulsive, he often prefers to scare off intruders rather than kill them. An exception may be the Theran or elves, to whom the dragon did not show any sympathy. She is a very strong and aggressive dragon. If she sees someone as an enemy or deserves her anger then he will strike decisively.

The dragon doesn’t allow anyone to reach the heart of the Mist Swamps. She watches over the ancient, elusive ruins of Yrns Morgath, a long-lost city deep in the swamps forever. Only other dragons can approach this ancient place without risking its anger. The nature of the place in which it has its lays and vigilance with which it protects it makes it difficult to collect information about it and its activities.

Because of her young age, Aban fanatically adheres to the habits of the Great Dragons to enforce their respect. Physically she is huge, only the Mountainshadow equals her’s height, yet she can move silently around her domain.

She is annoyed by the behavior of Alamaise because, once again, she was left out in the activities so significant for the Great Dragons. Although the fate that he had planned for the elves of completely does not move her, she would most willingly find the Elfbane and explain to him, with the help of teeth and claws, that none of the Greats has the right to act in such a decisive manner.

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