An accurate program of Orichalcum is ahead of you 🙂


Multisession is an event for over 20 players who will take part in an epic campaign prepared especially for Orichalcum and led by the most knowledgeable in the ED universe Game Masters.

Join one of the four teams and take on the adepts shaping the fate of the Earthdawn world. Discover the truth behind finding the Books of Harrows and find out what role the Great Dragons played in this. – Friday, 08:00 PM and Saturday 04:00 PM (final)


“Blood on the Serpent River” – calm, patrolled by House of V’strimon part of the Serpent River until recently was considered to be its most secure fragment. Therefore, when blood spots start to bloom on the water, the ships disappear without a trace and in the nearby villages the inhabitants disappeares, Shivalahala V’strimon made the decision to hire Adepts whose task would be to restore the good name of the Serpent River. Will you take this task? – GM Monika ‘Auraya’ Czyżowicz – Friday, 09:00 PM

“The Sunny Stone” – Grothor One-Eye is respectable jeveler in Travar. In addition, he is also a collector of works of art and magical artifacts. He gave you, brave Adepts, an offer. He came to the old records from which it appears that somewhere in the northern part of the wild, Scythan Mountains, a powerful artifact called a Sunny Stone was recently seen. He wants you to find an artifact for a considerable sum and deliver it to his manor house. Will you take this task? A hard journey through the mountains awaits for you, encounters with the natives and (perhaps) exploration of an old kaer. I cordially invite you. – GM Piotr ‘Tęcza’ Tęczyński – Saturday 04:30 PM

“The night patrol” – When the evening falls and the honest Name Givers prepare for sleep, you start your service. It’s not bad in the city guard, it’s enough to turn a blind eye and a pair of silver falls into the purse, and on cold or rainy nights you can take shelter in one of the many taverns or pubs. It’s usually quiet because the locals can see where do not go, but there are nights like this. And you wonder why the Passions did not awaken magic in you. Adepts, however, had much more easier life than the rest of Name Givers. In a world full of adepts, being an ordinary Name Giver can be interesting? – GM Sebastian ‘Basti’ Wawrzyńczyk – Saturday 04:30 PM

“In the shackles of greenery”The sky was illuminated by thunderbolts every minute, showing heavy storm clouds. Among them, the attentive eye of an observer would see two ships gliding high above the green trees. Theran barge, tilted to starboard, quickly lowered the flight. Just behind her, like a hawk for his prey, drakkar glided with a ragged sail. Suddenly, the hurricane threw a lot of thunders from the sky, blinding potential observers. When the culmination of the storm was over, there was no ship in the sky.

Two days earlier … “We’ll pay you as much as you want but we need this ship to go now. We must get them before they reach the Sky Point. For the sake of friendship between our settlements, please agree!” – GM Sebastian ‘Basti’ Wawrzyńczyk – Saturday, 10:00 AM

“Big improvisationWhen everyday life does not leave too much time to prepare a convention session, you must use the best skills from the Arsenal of the Game Master – improvisation. I invite you to a session that will be created together with you, based on the expectations and characters that we will create. For encouragement I will add that we will play on the latest, Fourth, Edition. I hope that there will be old stagers and people who want to meet Earthdawn. – GM Michał ‘Kosmit’ Kosmala – Saturday 04:30 PM


CharadesWelcome Adepts and Name Givers! Passions have prompted us to check your knowledge, team work skills and competition under time pressure 🙂 We invite you to charades : D Teams 3-4 persons – Saturday, 10:00 AM

“Nations of Barsaive” – It is a competition that will take place on Orichalcum for the first time, its main idea is to play the characters and have fun. The teams will represent different races from Earthdawn’s world. Their task will be to play improvised scenes on a given topic, and participate in competitions. The teams provided for in the competition are: dwarfs, elves, windlings, obsidimen, t’skrangs, trolls. Team captains will be announced at least a week before Orichalcum. Teams consisting of five people will fight in the Saturday qualifying rounds, but only the two best will get to the grand final! In addition, make-up and costumes will be extra scored! What will you see during the “Nations of Barsaive”? Manipulations, negotiations, stories of barsaivian adepts, rescuing the skin, lots of humor and, what we are sure of, perfect character playing. We sincerely invite you to play together! – Saturday 01:00 PM

Whose Line Is It Anyway? – Whose Line Is It Anyway? (shortly named Whose Line?) is a television show in which four comedos play, entirely improvised, scenes playing different characters. In the play, the audience is important, which – like the leader – not only imposes roles and styles to the characters, but also often participates in the scenes.

We invite you to a contest inspired by this cabaret 😀
The three-person or four-person teams will face the actor’s challenges, but don’t worry – we do not make you sing 😉 Sunday 10:00 AM

NarrativeAre you an experienced Game Master or player? Or maybe, on the contrary, you are just starting your adventure with role-playing games? Now you have the chance to check yourself! Create your own story inspired by a melody, picture or quote! We cordially invite everyone who is willing to take part in the narrative competition! – Sunday 12:00 AM


Earthdawn for the begginers – Imagine the world, where magic is everywhere and You can use it to everything, from cooking to spectacular fights. The world in which uncommon intelligent races fights powerful creatures from other dimensions. The world of great cities, underwater kingdoms and mysterious ruins full of treasures and danger. I invite You to a journey after a bit forgotten world of Earthdawn. – leads Sebastian ‘Basti’ Wawrzyńczyk – Friday 06:00 PM

The Blood Wood, beautiful and terrifyingthe kingdom of the elves is the gift of the Passion. The majestic and deadly forest has a long, complex history in which joy and beauty intertwine with sadness and pain. I invite you to a lecture, which will bring you the history of the place, which is the background for the Multisessions final.leads Monika ‘Auraya’ Czyżowicz – Saturday 12:00 AM

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