To begin with, we would like to introduce you to Earthdawn. The system, which already had 6 editions (1, 2, Classic, 3, 3R, 4) and several romances with other mechanics (d20, FU, SW), is over 25 years old, but the history of the world itself did not move much forward. Ending with the epic Prelude to War campaign, the first edition was the last big leap until the fourth edition.

The events of the 2nd edition are considered non-canonical, and the 3rd and Classic have only added what happened in Prelude to War to the main campaign. Since then, the ED world has practically stood still.

However, the Fourth Edition changed that, and in addition to the events described in the main corebook related to the exile of the Therans, a sourcebook about the city of Iopos has appeared, and a campaign Empty Thrones was released and it sweeped across seats of power of Barsaive’s cities.

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